Chemical & Magnetic Drive Pumps in South Africa

March Pump: Manufacturer of Magnetic Drive Pumps

Flow Range from 0.37 Liters per Minute to 654 Liters per Minute
Max pressure is 34.1 Meters

Standard Materials include Polypropylene, Kynar, and 315 Stainless Steel.
Standard Motors are AC, DC,  Explosion Proof, and Air Motors.
Kilowatt Range of Pumps is 0.003KW to 5.59KW.

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March Pump is happy to have a vast pump selection and to serve a wide-range of industries. Our pump offerings range from those that serve the home brewing market to a wide-range of chemical pump options with magnetic drive operations. Working directly with customers across South Africa and within a highly reliable system of distributors, the team at March Pump can respond to your pump needs efficiently. You can trust our service and our pumps to be at the service of your business, and we take pride in the pump-based support that we can offer you.  

March Pumps Distributor Network in South Africa 

Over time, March Pump has established themselves as a revered international pump distributor with impeccable service, timeliness and follow-through. March Pump's relationships with distributors across South Africa allows them to serve industry needs quickly and at all edges of the country. Our distributors help us represent our brand and allow our delivery costs to remain low. This way, our customer-base is served with an efficiency that keeps their businesses running smoothly. No matter what kind of pump you are looking for – chemical, water or homebrew – March Pump and our valued distributors can help you find exactly what you are looking for and guide you toward a lengthy and secure operation.  

Chemical Processing Pumps of Various Materials and Operational Advantages  

Here at March Pump, chemical pumps are some of our most widely-used products. That's because they can respond to diverse needs, and work with a wide variety of liquids. Chemical pumps can accommodate diverse temperatures and chemical compositions, as well. Many of the different pumps that ship to South Africa include: 

  • Acetic Acid 
  • Nitric Acid Pumps 
  • Sulfuric Acid Pumps 
  • Sodium Hydroxide Pumps  

In South Africa, March Pump is your trusted pump professional 

We at March Pump pride ourselves on the leadership that we offer in the magnetic drive pump industry and the chemical pump industry alike. We have customers across the globe with varied needs and challenges, but no matter where our customers find themselves, we always arrive with a creative, appropriate solution that solves their problems seamlessly. No matter your pump needs, and no matter your business problems, March Pump is always ready to respond to your pump needs and to think through your businesses challenges with you so that our impeccable service – while never faltering – remains at your disposal.  

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