Mag Drive Pump Troubleshooting: Flow Issues

Posted: 11/2/2015

Mag Drive Pump Troubleshooting: Flow Issues

Our mag drive pumps are built to last, but that means it can be even more surprising if you find yourself with flow rate issues. The experts here at March Pump have compiled a comprehensive troubleshooting guide for flow issues on your magnetic drive pump, covering the many potential causes and fixes for low flow problems as well as explaining what to do when the flow rate is too high.

Before beginning maintenance or repair work on your magnetic drive pump, be sure to search our pumps for your model and have the manual handy.

Low Flow Issues

If you are experiencing an insufficient flow rate from your transfer pump, it's possible that the discharge valve is throttled too much, which is a simple fix. However, there could be a different cause, but each has a straightforward solution:

  • Unprimed Suction Lines: Ensure that the pump suction lines have been sufficiently primed.
  • High Discharge Piping Resistance: Modify or clean the valves and discharge piping and check for clogged filters and screens; verify the piping's size and increase it if necessary.
  • Suction Piping Leak: Inspect the flange connections and gaskets on the suction pipe and check the flange bolts' torque values. If necessary, replace leaking gaskets and re-set flange bolts to the appropriate torque rating.
  • Low Rotating Speed or Reverse Rotation: Check the frequency, voltage, direction, and rotation of the electric motor.
  • Plugged Piping: Clean debris and deposits from suction piping, filters, and valves. Replace piping if needed.
  • De-Coupled Magnetic Coupling: Turn off the motor and restart it as soon as it has come to a complete stop.

Flow Rate Too High

While there can be quite a few issues leading to a low flow rate on a transfer pump, high flow rates typically have one of three causes, each with their own solution:

  • Low Discharge Piping Resistance: Throttle the output using a control valve on the outlet.
  • High Rotating Speed: Inspect the voltage and frequency of the electric motor and adjust if necessary.
  • Unintended Fluid Pumped: If you are using the pump for a fluid with a different viscosity than intended, it could affect the flow rate. Ensure your pump is engineered for the fluid being pumped.

For More Complex Flow Rate Troubleshooting

If you have any questions about your mag drive pump flow rates or are still experiencing trouble after going through our troubleshooting guide, contact us online or by phone at (847) 729-5300.

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