March Pumps with Explosion Proof Motors

Posted: 2/6/2014

Do you know that many of the chemical pumps supplied by March Pump can be equipped with explosion proof motors!  Explosion proof motors are used in environments where there are hazardous conditions, such as flammable gasses and liquids, dust that is electrically conductive or explosive when mixed with air, or there are easily ignitable filings and flyings.   Typically any pump starting with and larger than the Series 5 can be equipped with an explosion proof motor, and even better, March actually stocks explosion proof motors to cut down the time it takes to get from the manufacturer to the end user.  All of the explosion proof motors March buys are Division 1 Class 1, but several are also rated for Division 1 Class 2.  If the explosion proof motor March has in stock doesn't meet your Group requirement, March will go out and get an explosion proof motor that does.  If you're looking for a magnetic drive pump with explosion proof motor for a dangerous
chemical in a hazardous environment, definitely check out March Pumps. 

For more information on explosion proof pumps, check out this article:

For a listing of March Pumps that can be equipped with explosion proof motors, check out this link:


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