April 2013

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  • March Displaying at Clinical Lab Expo
    Posted: 4/26/2013
    March Pump, American manufacturer of centrifugal magnetic drive pumps, will be exhibiting at the Clinical Lab Expo in Houston Texas from July 30 to August 1st.
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  • Using Centrifugal Pumps for Homebrewing
    Posted: 4/9/2013
    If you're going to brew beer at home, you're going to need to transfer large volumes of liquid. That means a good pump is likely to become your new best friend.
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  • Quenching Europe's Thirst for Drinking Water with Industrial Pumps
    Posted: 4/2/2013
    Living as close to the great Lake Michigan as we do here, water can literally seem to be everywhere; but in the Middle East, the American Southwest and large portions of Europe, the view isn't so plentiful. Recent studies have shown us that, globally, water is being consumed at twice the rate of population growth. In other words, meeting the demand for fresh water has become a crucial challenge in many countries.
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