Magnetic Drive Pumps for Scrubber System Applications

Magnetic Drive Pumps for Scrubber System ApplicationsDesigned to help protect the environment from the release of chemical gases, scrubber systems are essential components in industrial processing. Magnetic drive pumps are needed in scrubber systems to circulate the gas-liquid through the recycling process and treatment system.

March centrifugal mag drive pumps are ideal for industrial chemical recirculation and chemical transfer. Our pump model TE-10K-MD is capable of generating a maximum flow of 200 gallons per minute at 70 feet, with a maximum head of 160 feet. Our American-made pumps are capable of handling mildly to highly corrosive acids and solvents, like sodium chloride, hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid.

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TE-10K-MD Magnetic Drive Pump

TE-5.5C-MD 1 & 3 Phrase Mag Drive Pump

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