Magnetic Drive Pumps for Hydrogen Generators

Hydrogen is an abundant resource but requires processing. Hydrogen must be separated from other elements in order to be used in other applications. Magnetic drive pumps are used to supply water and pressure to the process.

March pumps are built for complex applications like these. A commonly used pump, the 893-10, is a seal-less centrifugal magnetic drive pumps capable of a maximum flow of 2.7 gallons per minute at 1 foot with a shutoff head of 10.5 feet, or 4.5PSI. This hydrogen generator pump is designed to tolerate a maximum internal pressure of 50PSI and maximum liquid temperature of 190 Fahrenheit.

To determine if the March 893-10 model is suitable for your needs, learn more below:

893-10 Brushless 24V 0.5 AMP DC

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