Centrifugal Mag Drive Pumps for Hospital Thermal Blanket Production

Centrifugal mag drive pumps for hospital thermal blanket production.The manufacture and production of thermal blankets is a complicated process that requires a high amount of quality assurance. Magnetic drive pumps are a vital component of the machinery used to assemble and fabricate the product. March Pump models like our BC-3CP Magnetic Drive pump are ideal for the chemical recirculation and transfer processes involved.

The pump is designed to generate a maximum flow of 10 gallons per minute at 1 foot, with a maximum head of 20.5 feet. Constructed from polypropylene, ceramic, and Viton, our pumps have a maximum internal pressure of 50psi and can tolerate a maximum temperature of 190 Fahrenheit.

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BC-3CP-MD Magnetic Drive Pump

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