Mag Drive Pumps for Reverse Osmosis Systems

Mag drive pumps for use during reverse osmosis water treatment.Great tasting, clean drinking water is a necessity for restaurants and coffeehouses. Reverse osmosis systems filter impurities and chemicals to produce a more palatable water. Mag drive pumps are needed to pressurize the system in order to help remove the various chemicals and impurities.

March pumps have the design and durability for your reverse osmosis system. A typical pump used is a TE-5C-MD, capable of generating a maximum flow of 17 gallons per minute at 4feet, with a maximum head of 29 feet. The maximum internal pressure the pump can tolerate is 50psi, and can tolerate a maximum liquid temperature of 190 Fahrenheit. Our components can also be used for chemical transfer, small scrubbers and refrigerators.

You can find out more about our pumps for reverse osmosis systems below:

TE-5C-MD 1 Phase Magnetic Drive Pump
BC-2CP-MD Mag Drive Pump

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