Motor Types

Air-Cooled (AC) Motor

A classic motor design, the air-cooled (AC) motor is ventilated to allow air to flow naturally over the motor and keep it running at a cool temperature. Some motors feature fans to help improve air circulation and direct heat away from the motor. 

Air Cooled Motor








Drip-Proof (CP) Motor

Like the air-cooled motor, the drip-proof (DP) motor lets air circulate into and over it. It also has a precaution to keep liquid from coming into contact with the motor, keeping drops out from within a 15-degree angle from the vertical. Drip-proof motors are usually found in indoor applications in dry, clean locations.

Blast-Cooled (BC) Motor

A blast-cooled (BC) motor uses a fan to push air over the frame of the motor to vent heat and keep the operating temperature low. Unlike an air-cooled motor, blast-cooled motors are closed (though not completely airtight). This design prevents the free exchange of air inside and outside the motor's frame for a more controlled cooling.

Blast Cooled Motor









Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) Motor 

As with our blast-cooled motors, the totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor is designed to keep separate the air inside and outside the motor frame. This model also uses a fan to push air over the frame and help the cooling process along. It sets itself apart from the blast-cooled motor by featuring a ribbed frame that increases surface area and allows for a quicker release of heat.











Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated (TENV) Motor

A totally enclose non-ventilated (TENV) motor does not vent its heat. Instead of traditional venting, a TENV motor radiates its excess heat through the body of the motor, which is built with extra metal and conduction fins to give the heat more ways to dissipate. These motors are engineered to be dust-tight and are able to reject a moderate amount of water.











Explosion-Proof (XP) Motor 

When working with hazardous dusts or in an area with potentially flammable gases, it's essential to have a motor that is explosion proof. Explosion-proof (XP) motors are machines that are entirely enclosed and can withstand an explosion caused by gas or vapor inside the motor casing. By containing the explosion, an XP motor can prevent the ignition of materials outside the motor due to the explosion, flashing, or sparks. In order to operate an XP motor safely, the motor operating temperature must be below the ignition temperature of any surrounding vapors or gases.

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