March Chemical Pumps for Hydrofluoric Acid

Seeking a pump for the chemical Hydrofluoric Acid, March Pumps has many choices!  From 1 GPM to 82 GPM, March Pumps has a pump for Hydrofluoric Acid for any application. 

If pumping the chemical Hydrofluoric Acid at room temperature, it is recommended to go with a centrifugal sealless magnetic drive chemical pump made up of Kynar Plastic, Encapsulated Impeller, and Carbon Bushing.  Special care should be taken concerning the Ceramic Shaft and Thrust Washers, call March with the concentration to determine if the Ceramic should be replaced.   

The chemical Hydrofluoric Acid can also be heavy depending on the concentration and temperature.  If the specific gravity is more than 1.1, a trimmed impeller is absolutely necessary to prevent decoupling or overloading the motor. 

The following chemical pumps are a good place to start looking at when pumping the chemical Hydrofluoric Acid:

TE-5NK-MD with possible trim for chemical Hydofluoric Acid.   

TE-5.5NK-MD with possible trim for chemical Hydofluoric Acid.  

TE-7.5K-MD with possible trim for chemical Hydrofluoric Acid

Higher concentrations and higher temperatures of the chemical Hydrofluoric Acid, together or by themselves, may make the pumps listed above unsuitable.  It is highly recommended, regardless of the temperature or concentration, that you contact a local distributor or March Manufacturing direct to review your application before ordering a pump.     

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