March Chemical Pumps for DI Water

Seeking a pump for the liquid Deionized or DI Water, March Pumps has many choices!  From 5 GPM to 200 GPM, March Pumps has a pump for DI Water for any application. 

If pumping the liquid DI Water at room temperature, it is recommended to go with a centrifugal sealless magnetic drive chemical pump made up of Plastic with Encapsulated Impeller.

The following chemical pumps are a good place to start looking at when pumping the liquid DI Water:

BC-2CP-MD for DI Water

BC-2CP-MD Brushless for DI Water

MDX-MT3 for DI Water

MDK-MT3 for DI Water

BC-3CP-MD for DI Water

BC-4C-MD for DI Water

TE-5C-MD for DI Water

TE-5.5C-MD for DI Water

TE-6T-MD for DI Water

TE-7R-MD for DI Water

TE-7.5P-MD for DI Water

TE-8C-MD for DI Water

TE-10K-MD for DI Water

320-CP-MD for DI Water

335-CP-MD for DI Water

It is highly recommended, regardless of the temperature or concentration, that you contact a local distributor or March Manufacturing direct to review your application before ordering a pump.   

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