Chemical and Magnetic Drive Pumps in Malaysia

March Pump: Manufacturer of Chemical and Magnetic Drive Pumps in Malaysia 

  • Flow range from 0.37 Liters per minute to 654 Liters per Minute
  • Max pressure is 34.1 Meters
  • Standard Materials include Polypropylene, Kynar, and 316 Stainless Steel
  • Standard Motors are AC, DC, Explosion Proof and Air Motors
  • Kilowatt Range of Pumps is 7.46 KW

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March Pump is proud to offer a wide-range of pumps to an ever-broadening industry-base. Our pumps are diverse, ranging from magnetic drive-operative pumps to chemical pumps. Working with customers across Malaysia, we have a wide-range of distributors that allows our pumps to be delivered in the timeliest fashion possible. We at March Pump can respond to your pump needs efficiently. Our service always keeps your business and industry needs in mind. We offer impeccable pump support and our products can accommodate a wide variety of challenges and business-based problems. 

March Pumps Distributor Network in Malaysia

Throughout March Pump's established business history, we have become well-known and respected throughout the world as a highly reliable pump distributor. Our great service, complete and thorough follow-through in addition to our established professional relationships allows our business to serve you with perfection. Our distributors help us work across the country, as we take part in a network that allows us to keep costs low and responsiveness high. No matter the pump that you need – chemical, water or hydronic – we are always able to accommodate your needs. What's more is that our valued distributors always allow us to help you have exactly what you need and when you need it as you work toward a secure pump operation.

Chemical Processing Pumps of Various Materials and Operational Advantages

At March Pump, our chemical pumps are in great demand. Our chemical pumps work with liquids at a variety of temperatures in addition to diverse chemicals. Regardless of our customers' locations or the challenges that they are working to resolve, our pumps can be of use across Malaysia, thanks to our trusted network of distributors. 

March Pump is your trusted expert in Malaysia 

At March Pump, we always develop fresh solutions that solve problems with efficiency and accuracy. We are known for our impact in the magnetic drive and chemical pump industry, as we resolve issues with precision. March Pump is at the service of your pump needs, no matter how varied or challenging. We take pride in helping your business thrive.  

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