Mag Drive Pump Troubleshooting: Pump is Seizing

Posted: 12/14/2015

Mag Drive Pump Troubleshooting: Pump is Seizing

A seizing pump is one where one or more of the moving parts have locked in place, preventing the operation of the pump. If your mag drive pump is seizing up, you need to act quickly before it becomes further damaged. The experts here at March Pump have compiled a troubleshooting guide to help solve the problem of why your transfer pump is seizing and help you put it back in working order quickly.

Before attempting to diagnose or repair it, shut off your pump and search our catalog for your pump model to have the reference manual and any necessary data sheets handy.

Why is My Pump Seizing? What Can I Do?

When a magnetic drive pump is seizing up, it can't do the job you need it to do. In general, your industrial pumps will have one of two different problems that can lead to seizing, and they usually can be fixed by disassembling the pump, cleaning it, and installing a replacement part or two: 

  • The pump is seeing excessive heat. This can be caused by pumping a liquid that is too hot, extreme starvation, or by running the pump dry. It's possible to just replace the bushing, but it may be necessary to replace the impeller and shaft as well. Excessive starvation or running dry for an extended period may cause the impeller to melt onto the rear housing, in which case a completely new wet end is necessary.
  • A foreign object is stuck between the bushing and shaft. In most cases, you can simply remove the foreign object, but if a liquid has crystalized between the busing and the shaft, you may need to replace some parts as well. When using such liquids, try not to leave them sitting in the pump to avoid crystallization. To avoid similar issues in the future, consider opening the bushing size or incorporating a 3-flat shaft to allow for more lubrication.

As always, be sure to inspect all of the components of your pump and compare them against the manual (or a working pump of the same model) when reassembling.

Is Your Pump Still Seizing?

If your mag drive pump is still seizing, after troubleshooting, you may need a new one. Contact us online or by phone at (847) 729-5300 to further troubleshoot your pump, and remember to use only new parts when performing any repairs.


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