Mag Drive Pump Troubleshooting: Pump Operates Noisily

Posted: 11/25/2015

Mag Drive Pump Troubleshooting: Pump Operates Noisily

Mag drive pumps are designed to be low maintenance, and noisy operation should be a cause for concern. Our team of experts at March Pump has assembled a quick troubleshooting guide for magnetic drive and industrial pumps that can help pinpoint whatever is making your system run loudly and fix it.

Before working on your magnetic drive pump, search our inventory for the model you are using and bring up the manual.

What Can I Do About a Noisy Pump?

If your transfer pump is running noisily, your first instinct may be that it needs to be replaced. While this is always a possibility, there are many potential causes for a noisy mag drive pump that have simple solutions:

  • Low Suction Pressure: Increase the suction pressure by increasing the pressure in your suction tank, raising the liquid level, or lowering the pump.
  • Unprimed Suction Lines: Stop the pump and prime the suction lines before restarting.
  • Improperly Vented Suction Piping: Remember to vent the system before starting, and check the arrangement and design of suction piping.
  • Pump Contains Foreign Objects: Disassemble your mag drive pump and replace any damaged components with new spare parts.
  • Worn or Damaged Bearings: Inspect the bearing clearances and replace bearings with new spare parts.
  • Reverse Rotation: Inspect the pump for the direction of rotation and then ensure that the motor is not rotating in reverse.
  • High Rotational Speed: Check the manual for your pump and ensure that it is not operating at too high of a rotational speed.
  • Improper Use: If you are using your pump in a way it has not been designed for, it can run noisily and unpredictably. Check your manual and ensure that the pump is engineered for the conditions it's operating under and the fluid being pumped.

For Further Assistance

If your magnetic drive pump is still operating noisily or you are experiencing other troubles, contact us online or by phone at (847) 729-5300 for further assistance. Remember to only use new spare parts in your transfer pump.

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