March Pump's New Stainless Steel Front Housing

Posted: 12/17/2013

March Manufacturing is proud to have come out with a new front housing for the 809, 809-HS, 815, and Beer Pump Families.  It is a stainless steel inline housing.  It is 304 stainless steel.  The inlet is half inch male pipe thread and the outlet is half inch male pipe thread.  A pump with this housing can handle a maximum internal pressure of 150PSI.  The maximum temperature is 250F (121C), but should an application arise where the temperature will exceed this number, it is possible to modify the pump to handle a greater temperature.  The 304 Stainless Steel material is FDA compliant.  The stainless steel front housing is preferred over a plastic housing because it significantly reduces the chance of cross threading (damaging the threads) when connecting the pump to stainless steel pipe.    

For more information on the material 304 Stainless Steel, please see these links


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