Pump-industry leader, March Manufacturing, announces new pumps

Posted: 8/2/2018

As of 2018, March Manufacturing of Glenview, Illinois will be offering two new chemical pump models. These multistage and turbine pumps are commonly used in chemical spray applications because they are low flow, high-head pumps. This makes them ideal for commercial settings.

Our pumps can accommodate a wide-range of systems and have unique specifications that will respond to a myriad of client needs.

The TE-3MS-MD Multistage Chemical Pump from March Pump 

March Pump is happy to announce a new multistage chemical pump, the TE-3MS-MD. This pump is available to accommodate two unit systems, at 60Hz and 50Hz.  

The TE-3MS-MD is made to accommodate various industrial settings and can handle chemical recirculation, chemical transfer, and deionized water systems. Its unique multistage design makes it perfectly equipped to accommodate higher heads. Able to work with lower flow rates, this multistage pump is still unique in that it offers 87.0 FT of maximum head. 

The TE-3MS-MD chemical pump model can handle chemicals such as potassium chloride, sulfuric acid and more.  

The Turbine Pump from March Pump  

Our Turbine Pump is a magnetic drive pump. This class of pump can generate a maximum flow of three gallons per minute at five feet as it maintains a maximum head of 84 feet.  

Additionally, another great feature of this pump is that it can handle mildly or highly corrosive chemicals, acids and other solutions.  

Chemical Pumps Experts 

March Pump has an extensive history in assisting clients with diverse business and chemical challenges. The March Pump team works to resolve those challenges with the help of the appropriate pump. 

March Pump has been providing unique business and pump solutions since 1954. We have grown extensively since then, serving clients from a variety of industries both domestically and internationally. The team at March Pump always asks that clients contact our experts directly, so that we may diagnose your situation and any chemical challenges you are facing.

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