Industrial Pump Sales Expected to Exceed $38 Billion This Year

Posted: 3/26/2013

Now here's what we're inclined to think of as a fairly substantial piece of good news ... according to recent forecasts Industrial pump sales look set to top $38 billion in 2013. The year's still young but reportedly 32% of this year's industrial pump demand will come from in East Asia. The continuing migratory flood out of China's rural hinterland into its coastal cities will continue to translate into Chinese infrastructure investment. And China will not only be buying more pumps for power plants than the rest of the word combined, they're going to become the world's leading customer for industrial pumps for municipal waste water and drinking water as well.

Stateside, expected sales of oil and gas pumps to Canadian, Pennsylvanian and North Dakotan petrochemical concerns, driven by the shale oil boom, will help boost NAFTA's commercial pump market to just under $8 billion. And because the pumps required for shale hydro fracturing are in short supply, that demand is likely to boost prices as well as raw sales. High growth areas for North America's industrial pump suppliers will also include ballast water treatment, aquaculture and desalination. For instance, California's Desalination Project and the State's recent announcement of plans to construct the largest U.S. facility capable of making drinking water from seawater is perhaps the best example of the increased demand for seawater into freshwater water solutions.

Similarly, the demand for industrial pumps in Central and South Africa and Central America and South America is expected to expand over the course of 2013 based on the three region's shared need to invest in the industrial pumps necessary for mining. Pumps used during size reduction and separation processes as well those employed to transport slurry long distances-from mines to processing plants-are likely to be heavily in demand.

Other high buyer demand sub-sectors of the commercial and industrial pumps market are likely to include liquid natural gas (LNG), flue gas desulfurization (FGD), ethanol and oil sands production concerns. On the downside however, one of the big long-term changes in the industrial pumps market will be the reduction in sales of equipment for conventional oil and gas refining applications in line with the sales growth for nontraditional applications.

You can read the entire 2013 Industrial Pumps Market forecast there.

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