How to Read the Motor Wiring Diagram from March Pump

Posted: 5/23/2014

We are often asked by our customers how to wire a TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled motor) on a March Pump. These motors are one of the common motors used in industrial environments, and require training to maintain the equipment properly. We recommend to our clients that they refer to the March Motor Wiring Diagram. This is a highly organized and thoroughly detailed resource that can guide you through the wiring process. Here is our recommendation for the best use of the diagram:

Once you have the wiring diagram in front of you, you need to know:

  • What pump you have
  • Who the manufacturer of the motor is, and
  • What phase it is

To identify the type of pump, first find the pump label. This should be on the motor bracket.

Pump Label

Following the identification of the pump model, look for the nameplate of the motor. It will have the name of the motor manufacturer on it. The nameplate will also have the phase of the motor on it.

Looking at the March Motor Wiring Diagram, pick the box which has the phase of the motor.

 Single phase motor wiring diagramThree phase motor wiring diagram

Find the line which has both the pump model and the motor manufacturer you have on it.

Find pump model and the motor manufacturer information

On the far right of the line there is a row of letters, these identify the diagram to use.

Each diagram has different instructions for wiring the motor for different voltages.

Voltage Diagram

Each motor has several wires in it which are labeled with letters and numbers. For "Line", take the wires the diagram instructs, wrap them together, and connect them to the incoming voltage. For "INSUL", take the wires, wrap them together, and twist them into an insulated cap. Once this is done, the motor is ready to be turned on.

The wiring diagram can also be found on the nameplate of the motor. If the diagram on the nameplate has different instructions than the March Motor Wiring Diagram, always go with what is the motor nameplate. If you have further questions about wiring diagrams, or about how to identify your motor specifications, contact a March Pumps specialist today.

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