The Facility

The March Pumps Pump Manufacturing Facility in Glenview, IL

March Manufacturing is located in Glenview IL, a suburb of Chicago.  March has been located soley at this facility since 1967.  It is 120,000 square feet.  March has 6 Injection Molding machines,Injection Molding Machines at the March Pump Manufacturing Facility

3 CNC machines,The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine at the March Pumps Facility

19 dedicated machines,Dedicated Pump Manufacturing Machines at the March Pumps Facility

and many more common machines for manufacturing.  March also has over 700 molds which are used for our submersible models.Mold Used in the Manufacture of March Pumps Submersible Pump Models 

Our goal is to do as much as we can in-house to ensure high quality and a capability to modify our pumps as needed for the customer's needs. 




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