Do You Need A Heat Transfer Pump?

Centrifugal pumps for heat transfer applications. Heat transfer is the movement of thermal energy, depending upon temperature and pressure, from an area of low temperature to a higher temperature area. Using kinetic energy produced by impellers, centrifugal pumps increase the fluid pressure and then discharge the fluid through the outlet.

March Centrifugal magnetic drive pumps are the top choice for applications in heat transfer. Built to withstand harsh conditions, March pumps can potentially tolerate liquid temperatures of 190 Fahrenheit or 87 Celsius. The pumps are capable of generating a maximum flow of 2.7 gallons per minute at 1 foot, and a maximum head of 10.6 feet. Industrial strength construction protects against highly corrosive acids and solvents.

Our quality products are American-made and are guaranteed against defects in design and construction for one year from the date of manufacture. Install our magnetic pumps in your refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, space heating, power generation and chemical processing. Use our pumps for computer cooling systems and photographic processing equipment.

Learn more about the best centrifugal pumps for your heat transfer application needs below:

893-07 Magnetic Drive Pump

TE-5S-MD 1PH Magnetic Drive Pump

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