Do You Need A Electrostatic Painting Pump?

Centrifugal pumps for electrostatic painting applications.Pumps serve an important function in electrostatic painting operations. Centrifugal pumps draw paint from a supply source to the distributing mechanism, and simultaneously electrostatically charges the paint as it is distributed.

The centrifugal mag pumps produced by March Pump are the top choice for electrostatic painting applications. Our products deliver higher flow in an efficient design with less leakage and wear and tear. Made in our facility just outside of Chicago, we use top quality materials that stand up to the toughest working conditions.

To learn more, take a tour of our magnetic pumps built for electrostatic painting:

TE-5C-MD 1 Phase Magnetic Drive Pump

TE-5.5K-MD 1&3 Phase Mag Drive Pump


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