Looking For A Carbon Arc Furnace Cooling Pump?

Carbon arc furnace cooling pump.Centrifugal magnetic drive pumps made by March Pump are ideal for use in carbon arc furnace cooling systems, also known as electric arc furnaces, due to their ability to handle extremes in temperature and internal pressure.

Our American-made seal-less stainless steel magnetic drive pumps can have a maximum flow of 120 gallons per minute at 20 feet, with a maximum head of 90 feet. The maximum internal pressure the pump can tolerate is 200psi, and a maximum liquid temperature of 250 Fahrenheit.

 To learn more about how our mag drive pumps are the solution for your carbon arc furnace cooling system, visit our pages below:

TE-8S-MD 3 Phase Magnetic Drive Pump

TE-7S-MD 1&3 Phase Magnetic Drive Pump

TE-5.5S-MD 1&3 Phase Mag Drive Pump

TE-5S-MD 1&3 Phase Mag Drive Pump

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