Magnetic Drive Pumps for Use in Refineries

Mag drive pumps for use in refineries.Oil refineries need several different types of equipment to produce petroleum, oil and gas products. Mag drive pumps are needed to transfer corrosive liquids through different parts of the oil refining process.

March pumps like our model TE-7R-MD are designed to carry out these heavy duty tasks. They are capable of generating a maximum flow of 53 gallons per minute at 10 feet, with a maximum head of 60 feet. This design can tolerate a maximum internal pressure of 50psi, and a maximum liquid temperature of 190 Fahrenheit.

Our American made centrifugal magnetic drive pumps have pumped corrosive materials like hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, caustic soda and ethylene glycol. The state of the art design and construction is ideal for the challenging environment of a refinery.

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TE-7R-MD 1&3 Phase Magnetic Drive Pump

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