Mag Drive Pumps for Desalination Applications

Mag drive pumps for desalination applications.Conversion of saltwater into potable water is a process that provides water for human consumption, agriculture and industry. Mag drive pumps serve an important function in this process, performing salt water recirculation and transfer operations.

Our American made magnetic drive pumps are ideal for use in heavy duty desalination plants. A common pump used in this application is a TE-5.5K-MD which has a maximum flow of 30 gallons a minute at 11 feet with a maximum head of 41 feet. They can tolerate an internal pressure of 75psi, and a maximum temperature of 200 Fahrenheit (93 Celsius). It is also resistant to aggressive solvents and acids, and our models have pumped hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride, sulfuric acid among other chemicals. 

Learn more about our magnetic drive pumps for desalination operations below:

AC-5C-MD Magnetic Drive Pump
TE-5.5K-Md Mag Drive Pump

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