Centrifugal Drive Pumps for Water Treatment Applications

Centrifugal drive pumps for water treatment applications.The continued successful operation of water treatment plants is vital to American infrastructure. Mag drive pumps help maintain this successful operation. Our industrial magnetic drive pumps are ideal for moving Sodium Hypochlorite from bulk tanks to day tanks. Capable of handling mildly to highly corrosive chemicals and acids, our American made pumps have a maximum flow rate of 200GPM and can tolerate pressure up to 75psi and a maximum temperature of 200 Fahrenheit (93 Celsius).

If you looking to upgrade your current mag drive pumps for water treatment applications, visit our pump pages below:

TE-10K-MD 3PH Magnetic Drive Pump 
TE-6K-MD 1&3 Phase Magnetic Drive Pump
TE-5.5K-MD 1&3 Phase Mag Drive Pump

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