Mag Drive Pumps for Applications in Home and Office Aquariums

Mag drive pumps for home and office aquariums.Aquariums require the proper flow and movement of water. Centrifugal pumps like our magnetic drive pump models are effective because they provide a steady flow with no pulsation. They are capable of generating a max flow of 200 gallons per minute at 70 feet, with a maximum head of 160 feet. A pump the size of our model TE-10K-MD has been used in city aquariums. However, smaller pumps, such as the BC-4C-MD, has been used in home and office aquariums. Our pumps are built to withstand mild or highly corrosive chemicals, acids and solvents, let alone freshwater and saltwater. 

Made in our facility just outside of Chicago, our skilled engineers can manufacture equipment based on your particular needs. With decades of experience, we are able to create solutions for any environment.

You can learn more about the specifications of our magnetic pumps for aquarium applications below:

TE-10K-MD Magnetic Drive Pump

BC-4C-MD Magnetically Coupled Pump

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